About the Kent Public Library

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The Kent Public Library, as we know it, was begun in 1964 as the Willett C. Jewell Library Association, in a storefront on Chauncey Road in Lake Carmel. Before long it changed its name to the Kent Literary Association, and its location to a corner of Gladys Boalt's sewing store, where it is still located. On May 25, 1967 it was granted a provisional charter by the Education Department of the State of New York as the Kent Free Public Library. The organization purchased the building on Smadback Rd, converted it, and dedicated it on August 24, 1972. On September 26, 1987, by unanimous vote of the Kent Town Board, the library changed its status from an association library to a town public library, effective January 1, 1988. On September 16, 1988 the Kent Public Library was granted a permanent charter by the Education Department of the State of New York. None of this would have been possible were it not for the efforts of many dedicated individuals, then and now, and the support of the people of our community.
In July, 2001, the voters of the Town of Kent voted overwhelmingly to build a new Town Center, which includes a new library building. The buildings were completed in November, 2004. The Kent Public Library thanks everyone who voted, volunteered, and took part in this exciting project. The current bulliding is on Rt.52 in the Kent Town Center.

Mission Statement

The Kent Public Library is committed to serving the cultural, educational, recreational, and informational needs of our community by providing dynamic programming, balanced collections of resources, exceptional customer service, and access to new and changing technology. Our mission is to create a setting in which every individual from any background has equal opportunity to enhance his or her personal, professional, and emotional development.

Approved by the Kent Library Board on August 20, 2013\

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Kent Public Library
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